Row Boat
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After a pleasant afternoons fishing, William, Frank and Basil are ready to head back to shore.

'Yo, Jimmy, fix the oars, lets get crackin'.' 'Piss off Bazza, it's your turn.' 'No way, I got us out here, you get us back.' 'Fat chance. Make Franko do it.' 'I'm not doing it, I paid for the beer.' 'Well I paid for the bait.' 'Crap, you paid for the bait last week, I paid for the bait this week.'

some time passes

Frank finally takes the oars, and starts the strenous task of getting everyone back to shore. 'You wanna pick that up a bit Franko, sun's goin' down.' ' about I hook up the motor?' 'NO WAY!' 'Yeah, no way man, remember what happened last time?'

some time passes

'Alright, hook up the motor.'

Bazza attaches his lovingly created whippersnipper powered propeller to the back of the boat, pulls it a few times and it springs into life. Water splashes out the back, the little boat starts to move. However, even with Franko still on the oars trying his hardest to resist, the boats begins to travel round and round in circles.

'Bugger.' 'I knew this would happen.' 'Hmmm. HELP!'

Canon EOS 10D
1/30 sec f 5.6 420 mm Flash: Not Fired ISO: 400