Cottesloe Beach at dusk
+ Comments(0) Cottesloe Beach at dusk - 2005-09-27 17:43:57

It's a beautiful world, you only have to look at photos like this to see it.

Now some will argue that there is no way this could have all happened by chance; it's a setup. The creationists - a lot of them under the banner of religion. They are all however believers in a designer; be it God, or gods, or aliens that seeded life on our planet a long time ago.

Then there are the evolutionists. It all happened by chance, through natural selection, survival of the fittest. Order from chaos. Now it seems, looking at the world around me, that chaos and disorder go hand in hand with entropy: everything would rather - given the chance - reduce to the simplest form or the lowest state.

So if we are to believe the evolutionists, then we are to believe that through some unguided, random, long-term process, these very basic atoms we consist of have arranged themselves into quite an amazingly complex variety of things indeed.

Perhaps then the universe itself is their designer; the fundamental laws of physics have created everything from a master plan - an unseen blueprint. Dunno. It sure is a beautiful world though.

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