Urban Decay
+ Comments(0) Urban Decay - 2005-11-09 11:49:55

...looks like a Bart Simpson has come past here, but what is the big cross-brace for?

I guess there comes a time in a buildings life where the cost of renovation is beyond its value once renovated. So, close the doors, put up a big brace(?!) and walk away.

The windows are vandal bait no suprises so few remain intact; you'd think that the bright coloured wall would be begging for graffitists. However no, only "RAS" has stopped by, possibly using the brace as scaffold.

There is captured a timelessness in this rundown, decaying building. It speaks of a once-proud production facility; a bustle of activity, of manufacture and the clanging of machinery. All quiet now, but you can almost feel the echo of the past still clinging tightly to the walls.

Can't work out those braces though.

Nikon 5700
1/173 sec f 4.7 71.2 mm Flash: Not Fired ISO: 100