Quick Silver
+ Comments(0) Quick Silver - 2006-01-13 16:18:03

My mate has been asking me from some time to get a photo of his new 2001 Porsche 911. So we went out for a few passes (8 actually) in the only tunnel in my home town of Perth. This is the result.

It proved to be quite a challenge. Firstly, we needed two cars, of course. The second with a driver and me (in the back seat) as the photographer. The light was poor so had to shoot at ISO 1600. The result was quite noisy but in a pic this small, isn't too much to worry about. I used a towel resting on a 1/4 open window to provide the stability and dampening against vibration in the car. The fact that there is an emergency phone every 20 metres or so made it difficult to get a clear background shot, not to mention ensuring that other cars were not in frame!


Canon EOS 20D
1/40 sec f 4 24 mm Flash: Not Fired ISO: 1600