Sunflower at dawn
+ Comments(0) Sunflower at dawn - 2005-09-06 19:08:23

Tall poppy syndrome, as deep set Australian as BBQ male/female segregation. The flower stands tall at dawn looking up for the sky; but like the infamous baby harp seal you get a feeling this photo was taken moments before secateurs cut it down.

Why do we resent those who are "more successful" than ourselves, whether they deserve it or not? Why do we not exalt our achievers, our strivers, our leaders?

Sure, there are plenty of recipients who through their continued portrayal of conceit and arrogance seem to be plain asking to be punished for their success, but as a whole I believe it comes more from our jealousy and criticalness.

What do you get from tall poppy syndrome? You cut down everyone who raises their head above the bar; you drag society to the lowest common denominator; you dumb us down.

So before jumping on the faultfinders bandwagon next time you see someone raising their head above the crowd, don't think about dragging them down to your level, think about rising to their level.

Canon EOS 10D
1/8 sec f 22 12 mm Flash: Not Fired ISO: 100